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 Uniqueness Of The Club 
The Club from its early days, has set the pace in the social life of Lagos and Nigeria and this has continued unabated. Its annual Xmas Eve Dance with the Traditional Message from the then Governors of Nigeria, then by the President of Nigeria and lately by the Governors of Lagos State, continues to be the great social event of the year, enjoying an undiminished support from both the Club members and their well wishers.

Other social activities include the regular monthly flannel Night Dance (the forerunner of the present Guest Nights), Traditional Abalabi Dances, the first of which was held on November 6th 1937 the idea of such a dance having been introduced to the Club by the first Chairman, the late Bro. V. Ade Allen. For members themselves, there are the Friday conviviality Nights for members to know themselves and for informal discussions of matters of mutual interest, and the members' day for conviviality amongst themselves and guests. The first Members' Day was held on the first Saturday of February, 1940, following a suggestion, by the then Chairman Bro. V. Ade Allen that "a reunion among members shall be held each month, when three members shall refresh the Club with light refreshment, commencing from February, on the first Saturday."

The Club throughout the course of its history has been generously donating to and supporting worthy causes both at home and abroad. Some historic examples of this benevolence are cited below:-

(1) In response to a joint letter written in 1938 from the Lagos Women's League, Young Ladies Progressive Club and the Nigeria Youth Movement the club donated it widow's mite towards enabling two young African Ladies who had gained exemption from London Matriculation, to undergo a course for the Diploma in Teaching at a Teachers' Training College in England.

(2) At the request of Lady Arthur Richards, the wife of the then Governor of Nigeria, the Club donated five guineas in 1945 in commemoration of the 90th annual anniversary of the Y.W.C.A. in England.

(3) It held a special Abalabi Dance on 7/9/40 to raise money for the War Relief Fund and also contributed to the Tornado relief fund in 1948

(4) Donations were made also to numerous local charities - e.g. The Red Cross Society, the Nigerian Olympic Association, Old Peoples Home, Paccelli School for the Blind, the Motherless Babies Home etc.
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